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Outdoor Hanging Chair

Bring the Comfort of Your Indoors to Your Yard

Extend the comfort of the indoors to your back or front yard by installing a CEE outdoor hanging swing chair.

Your back or front yard is an extension of your living space, which means it deserves just as much attention as your interiors. It merits comfortable, stylish furnishings that you’ll gladly lounge in for hours on end.

Let the CEE Outdoor Hanging Swing Chair offer you respite from the daily grind. With a lithe frame and exceptional comfort level, it lets you enjoy your patio or porch’s surroundings and make the most of your gorgeous outdoor space.

Reconfigure Your Outdoor Space

A hanging swing chair is an ideal addition to your poolside patio, porch, or even your garden. Designed for the outdoor environment, it can withstand harsh natural elements like sunlight and winds, without compromising comfort or aesthetics. Moreover, it allows you to move freely — you’ll be able to enjoy the natural sunlight and breeze while lounging on this chair.

Even though it has a minimalist design, it boasts a sturdy build and a satisfying seat. You and your family would love spending your leisurely hours swinging and swaying about.

Engineered for the Outdoors

In crafting a swing chair for outdoor spaces, our furniture designers had to meet three requirements: freedom of movement, aesthetics, and comfort.

Freedom of Movement

Outdoor furniture needs to embody the sense of freedom that the outdoors have. This is why the CEE Hanging Chair doesn’t have design elements that would limit your movement or obstruct your field of vision. The design elements are cut down to the bare essentials, making it extremely lightweight — our hanging chair is less than 10lbs. or 4kg.

When you rest on a CEE Hanging Chair, you won’t feel confined or enclosed; you’ll feel light, airy, and relaxed.


The best thing about the CEE Hanging Chair is how comfortable it is. The fabric is configured in such a way that it almost feels like it’s hugging you, from the upper torso to the middle of the thighs. Unlike an ordinary kitchen chair — which is rigid and flat — our selection provides sturdy lumbar support.

Expect that it will be one of the favorite nooks of your backyard.


Each CEE Hanging Chair boasts a sleek and gorgeous design, which means it will compliment whatever design of your outdoor space or patio. In creating a CEE hanging single swing chair for the outdoors we use the wonderful Chilewich Plynyl for the seat. The Ash hardwood armature is finished with penetrating Brazilian Rosewood oil fortified with superior UV protection.

Designed according to minimalist lines, our hanging chair doesn’t grab any unnecessary attention; it won’t disrupt the overall look of your outdoor space.

Where to install outdoor hanging chairs

CEE outdoor swinging chairs are far more versatile than you’d think. From your porch to your garden, these fun and functional pieces can be installed in just about any outdoor space.


Add a distinctive touch to your patio with a stylish outdoor swing chair. Our outdoor patio hanging chairs are perfect for creating an idyllic spot for relaxation after a hectic day.


Our outdoor swing chairs can also be secured on porch ceilings. On warm days, they can be used as a comfortable place to read and relax. Toss in a few throw pillows and a blanket so you can stay cozy on cool evenings.

Front and Backyard

If you have the yard space, consider hanging an outdoor swing chair on a sturdy tree branch. An outdoor swing chair can easily transform a plain yard or garden into an inviting space where you and guests can relax in comfort.


What materials were used for the outdoor hanging chair?

Our designers used the Chilewich fabric, which is washable, durable, and quick-drying. It’s made of vinyl-encapsulated polyester, which can withstand the onslaught of harsh UV rays. The fabric also allows rainwater to easily pass through; you won’t have to worry about puddles of mud and debris forming on your chair. This fabric is perfect for hanging swing chairs for outdoor living spaces.

Learn more about Chilewich from the manufacturer by clicking here.

What is the weight limit of your outdoor hanging chair?

The CEE outdoor hanging chair can take quite a beating. Its weight limit is 500lbs. or 225 kg. We arrived at this figure through rigorously testing and overstressing our prototypes. We even upgraded the construction and materials to ensure durability.

How do I install an outdoor hanging chair?

You can check our instructions for installing an outdoor hanging chair here.

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Experience the CEE Hanging Chair

Find out how the CEE Hanging Chair single-handedly elevates your outdoor space.  Get in touch with us for samples of seat materials and inquiries.