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Indoor Hanging Chair

Make Your Living Space More Comfortable

Your home will feel cozier and more inviting with a handmade, indoor CEE Hanging Chair.

Your home is your retreat from the busy outside world. It deserves to be appointed with the best, the coziest indoor furnishings — artful pieces that take you far, far away from the stress and hustle of the daily grind.

Let the CEE Hanging Chair be your respite after a long day of work. Comfortable and sleek, this handmade, indoor hanging chair is an heirloom-quality chair that gladly welcomes you home, every day.

Redefining Comfortable Interiors

The CEE Hanging Chair is the perfect addition to your living space. Designed for the modern home, it combines comfort, freedom of movement, and sleek aesthetics. Its lightweight architecture allows it to accessorize a wide range of interiors. And, since it’s made of excellent, vetted materials, it stands the test of time.

Although tidy and constructed with a minimalist mindset, it’s sturdy, well-crafted, and able to provide a satisfying seat. It provides ample support as you lounge leisurely, entertain guests, or meet work deadlines.

Engineered for the Modern Home

In crafting an indoor chair that’s hanging from the ceiling, we sought to fulfill three main objectives: comfort, freedom of movement, and aesthetic.


Soothing and comfortable, the CEE Hanging Chair is a notch above traditional seats. The fabric and armature are configured to “embrace” you evenly over a large area, from the upper torso down to mid-thigh.

Unlike the flat and rigid surface of regular chairs, the CEE Chair wraps around your body, providing ample lumbar support. The result is an extremely comfortable position you’d love to stay in for hours.

Freedom of Movement

At the end of a long day, you don’t want a chair that restricts your movement; you want one that adjusts to you. So, we designed the CEE Chair to have a lightweight frame (a total of less than 10lbs. or 4kg). There are no unnecessary design elements that obstruct your movements or field of vision.

You won’t feel enclosed or confined, either. There’s an airy, open feel to every CEE indoor chair that hangs from the ceiling.


Sleek and made of gorgeous vetted wood, the CEE Hanging Chair is an artistic creation that you can place in any room in your home. For your indoor White Ash armature, you can choose between a natural or espresso finish. You can also choose from leather, canvas, or Chilewich fabric, in a variety of colors.

The CEE Chair isn’t designed to be loud. It’s made to work harmoniously with the other elements of your interior; you won’t have to worry about it disrupting the design balance of your home. 

Where to install indoor swing chairs

Add life to your living space with indoor hanging chairs from CEE Chair where timeless style and functionality are combined.

Living rooms

Indoor hammock chairs are often spotted in bohemian-style living rooms. They serve as a fun accent piece to your space and are perfect for meditation.

Pair your indoor hanging chair with a plush pillow and a comfortable throw blanket for an instant reading nook.


In bedrooms, an indoor swinging chair offers the perfect place to curl up after a long day. It creates a cozy spot where you can read, enjoy views from your room, or simply relax. Indoor suspended chairs also add instant texture and comfort to a plain bedroom.

Kids’ rooms

Indoor single swing chairs are an instant mood booster. They’re great for keeping kids comfortable and entertained at any time of the day. CEE indoor hanging chairs are durable and can stand up to twirling, bouncing, and swinging.


How much weight can the CEE Chair take?

Since it’s made of hardwood and tough fabric, the CEE Chair can handle quite a load. This indoor chair’s weight limit is 500 lbs. or 225kg. This number already accounts for the fact that it hangs from the ceiling.

We tested and over-stressed our prototypes in order to confirm this estimate. We even upgraded our materials and hardware to account for extreme use. Rest assured that, despite its lithe frame, the CEE Chair can support heavy burdens.

How much is a CEE Chair?

The price of a CEE Hanging Chair depends on the seat material.

  • Canvas – $675
  • Chilewich – $750
  • Leather – $950

Can the CEE Chair stand up to swinging, bouncing, and twirling?

Thanks to a friendly client with two energetic children doing the vigorous testing, the answer is YES to the swinging and bouncing, but by the end of summer, the twirling caused the overhead straps to show fatigue. We replaced each strap with a swivel and an appropriate length of chain.

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Experience the CEE Hanging Chair

Discover what makes the CEE ceiling-hanging indoor chair better than the rest. Get in touch with us for fabric samples or inquiries.