What Makes CEE Hanging Chairs Unique?

There’s a better way to unwind in your living room (or in any space you consider your sanctuary).

The answer is the hanging chair from CEE Chair.

The CEE Hanging Chair


Soothingly comfortable, the CEE Chair offers relief from the pressure of traditional seating, as well as great lumbar support. This unique hanging chair’s fabric or leather embraces you evenly over a large area, from your upper torso down through the middle of your thighs.  The CEE chair is the new definition of comfortable!

The Beginning: How the CEE Chair Started

Hanging swing chair bedroom
Jan with designer Kurt Buetow
chair swing for balcony

A chair dedicated to your enjoyment.

Our first hanging chair was built from the remains of a horse drawn wagon wheel. Jan Buckman created a taut webbing service on a 44-inch diameter steel hoop and hung it from the ceiling at a 30-degree tilt. Jan took one look at it and decided it was perfect for the kids to swing on, for couples to curl up together, and just for “hanging out.”

As perfect as it looked, however, it didn’t seem ideal if you wanted to sit, lean back, or have your feet planted on the floor. So Jan remedied the problem with a bunch of pillows and decorative fringe, not knowing that this would be the prototype of the CEE chair.

Fellow inventor Kurt Buetow’s Sky Chair further inspired Jan and Tom Buckman. They inherited one of his chairs, and with Kurt’s blessing, they conducted vigorous tests and made refinements to his design. Eventually, they named the project CEE Chair.

All components of the seats and armatures of the CEE Hanging Chair are hand-crafted in Hager City, WI by Jan and Tom. The first priority in the design has been comfort and good lumbar support. Their second objective is to achieve a clean looking piece of quality furniture. The result is a functional chair made to last, using only the finest materials.

Design and Function: What Sets the CEE Chair Apart

Ordinary chairs might seem comfortable until you’ve experienced the CEE Chair.

With our chair, you won’t just plop yourself down. As you step back into it, the chair draws slightly upward to meet you. Once you slowly settle in, you will swing slightly forward. You’ll also experience a distinct and warm “hug-like” support right at your lumbar area. Since most traditional chairs are rigid they may not actively support your back. The CEE Chair, on the other hand, wraps half-way around your back like a sling.

Your lumbar support begins near your side at the wooden armature. Notice the loop in the seat’s border strap webbing. From here it acts like a wide belt of soft, but inflexible fabric to gently but firmly support your lower back. This “belt” ends its critical strength on your other side, at the opposite armature loop. Since the armature serves such an important function, it needs to be rigid and durable.

indoor hanging hammock chair

Enjoy Freedom of Movement

The CEE Chair’s lightweight architecture encourages freedom of movement and space. Even though we chose to use heavier White Ash for strength, the chair weighs less than 10 pounds! Its incredible strength is from the seven layers of wood bonded together with waterproof glue.

Our hanging chair won’t make you feel confined or enclosed. There is no visual barrier above the armature. The open space below enables you to enjoy your visual freedom.

We believe a comfortable chair should serve your relaxation needs at the end of a busy workday. Unwind in front of the fireplace or the comfort of your sanctuary with the CEE hanging chair.

Enhance your comfort and the aesthetic of your home with a hanging chair.

Transform any space with CEE hanging chairs

Our hanging chairs offer that unique place to relax indoors or outdoors.


Hanging indoor chairs bring an element of beauty to any room. While they’re often seen in living rooms with high ceilings, indoor swing chairs are also ideal for bedrooms and personal offices. Use one as a reading nook or place it by the window where you can relax and soak up the sunshine.


Outdoor hanging chairs turn any yard space into a sanctuary. Use them on decks, patios, gardens, and porches.

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