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We Start with the Finest Materials

The CEE Chair is the perfect combination of design and comfort. Unlike traditional chairs, it’s a clean-looking piece of hand-worked furniture that offers superior lumbar support while you lounge or do your work. Our dedication to producing chairs with long term integrity means we must use only the finest materials. Our goal is to create heirloom quality hanging chairs.

In order to ensure that your hopes and expectations are fulfilled, it may be helpful if we send you samples of whichever patterns that appear tempting. Just ask.

- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Aluminum

Aluminum conveys a rich blend, the colors of tarnished bronze and sterling silver strands in one direction, contrasted with consistently hued pearl strands in the other direction. From a distance the effect is of a warm gray.

- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Balsa

The Balsa gives the effect of hand caned seating.  The woven elements going in one direction are the color of oatmeal or bamboo, but the threads crossing in the other direction are several shades of dried and faded green grass and oxidized bronze. Because of the near uniformity of the oatmeal, the surface seems solid and flat. There is, however an energetic contrast between its dark and light elements.

- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Bark

The Bark does not have any red but it does have a rusty tone to it. This selection is a rich and complex mixture of chocolates and caramels, randomly shot with a few strands of dark brown, opposing a few strands of wheat. The surface appears to be very soft and textural.

- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Chestnut

The Chestnut shows strands of dark chocolate in one direction and in the other direction a blend of even darker chocolate-to-black. A seat made of chestnut presents a very solid and warm presence.

indoor hanging chair for bedroom
- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Carbon

Carbon is a rich mixture of warm charcoal tones, compatible with almost any environment. The relatively neutral or gray scale hues allow your surrounding room environment colors to reflect, like a box of flinty black and gray shards of polished stone.

Cee Chair color swatch - Chilwich Oyster
- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Oyster

Oyster has a delicate mixture of neutral cloud-colored stripes crossed with translucent glassy colors like the glassy side of oyster shells. It is a quiet blend with medium contrast, perhaps the most relaxing blend we offer.

Plynyl black swatch
- seat fabric -

Chilewich Plynyl ® / Black

It needs to be said that Plynyl seats of all patterns will receive a certain reflective energy from your surrounding lighting environment. As the individual strands of the warp and weft undulate, the reflective light from your environment alternately rises and falls. Regarding black Chilewich, picture a bowl of black marbles on your kitchen table, and then take the bowl to the corner of your living room. Imagine the difference in how the marbles look due to the change in lighting.  

- seat fabric -

Canvas / Black

Brown Leather
- seat fabric -

Leather / Brown

black leather
- seat fabric -

Leather / Black

- seat frame -


- seat frame -



Design and Function: A CEE Chair Trademark

Our foremost focus on designing the CEE Chair is user comfort, but the furniture also serves as an aesthetic highlight in your living area. We don’t just provide a comfortable chair; it’s a seat that props up the back and provides flexibility of movement. The fabric embraces you evenly over a large part of your upper torso down to the middle of your thighs.

All seating positions are accomodated with the CEE Chair. You can sit straight, or rest all of your weight without worries. Adjust the chair’s tilt to a laid back position to easily transfer your weight from your thighs to your upper back. It’s the perfect position for reading books or listening to music outdoors.

If you adjust the tilt in a more upright position, on the other hand, you’ll feel more ‘at-the-ready’. We’ve designed our CEE Chairs for board room environments, too. When you have long sessions of brainstorming and beating deadlines, you’ll need the extra movement of freedom to relieve yourself from strain — a feature the CEE Chair provides.

What You Can Expect

Handcrafted with love, our wonderful hanging chair uses only the finest materials to ensure comfort and product longevity. The soft fabric is made of Chilewich Plynyl, canvas, or leather. Chilewich is the only fabric choice for both indoor and outdoor use. A solid bentwood armature stabilizes the entire structure, as well as supports your back. We use only sustainable Ash for our chairs.

The combination of good structural design and flexible fabric resulted in a chair that can carry up to 300 lbs or 135 kg. To arrive at this number, our experts rigorously tested the chair, as well as upgraded the materials and thoroughly tested the hardware. Rest assured that our chairs will last you for years.

Each CEE Chair comes with mounting hardware. Simply provide us with ceiling height measurements for where you wish to mount your hanging chair, and we’ll ensure it will hang perfectly. Also, please let us know if you will hang your chair from anything other than the ceiling, as this can change the necessary hardware and instructions.

hang swing chair indoors

An Aesthetic Addition to Your Space

ceiling chair

CEE Chair creators Jan and Tom Buckman didn’t want a chair that begs for attention. Their design revolves around the question of whether they liked its presence in their home. This preference for a simple-looking yet highly functional chair resulted in the CEE Chair’s minimalist design. Its sleek structure does not visually scream for attention. It has little overhead apparatus, and no fringes! It takes up a minimum amount of space and will look good in any home.