The CEE Chair is the perfect addition to any home or office. Sit better while you finish work or lounge around in a hanging chair that offers excellent lumbar support. Our dedication to quality has pushed us to use only the best materials for this unique chair. CEE Chair has been specifically designed for your comfort and support.


The details you will discover with your CEE Chair are a result of extensive research and testing, both indoors and out in the weather and under the sun. Your choices of leather, Chilewich, or canvas are all appropriate for indoors. For outdoor users we provide the Chilewich seat. Rain passes through it because of its open weave, and it offers superior UV protection. All three seat fabrics have the distinct strength that makes the chair wrap around your back and sides like a sling.

A solid bentwood armature keeps keeps the entire structure together. To promote a sense of extraordinary freedom, we keep the chair’s architecture light. Despite using quality Ash hardwood, the chair weighs less than 10 lbs. (4 kg.).  Its superb strength is due to the seven layers of wood bonded together with waterproof glue.

CEE Chair FAQs

Will the chair’s fabric work outside?

We designed our chairs to be resistant to exterior elements. During the design process, we learned that the canvas seat collects water. As a result, any outdoor element (like leaves) can turn a puddle into a murky tea. Fortunately, we discovered Chilewich Plynyl, a woven fabric from vinyl encapsulated polyester in a loose weave. Water can easily pass through it, and the vinyl is resistant to the effects of UV radiation.

The outdoor armature is finished with penetrating Brazilian Rosewood oil fortified with superior UV protection.


How does your pricing work? Do you offer wholesale prices and quantity discounts?

For more information on determining the price of your order, please feel free to visit our pricing page or visit our contact us page if you have any questions you need to be answered.

Can your chair stand up to vigorous bouncing, swinging, and twirling?

Our team has rigorously stress-tested our chairs to make sure that nothing gives way with active use. We continually upgraded the materials, construction, and hardware until we were convinced that all parts of the chair can endure extreme use. Excessive twirling, however may compromise the overhead hanging strap’s material. For active users who love to twirl we can provide a swivel and chain set-up.

What is the weight limit of your chairs?

Our recommended weight limit is 300 lbs. (135 Kg.) Just to provide some margin of assurance we attached a test chair to our 525 lb. table saw and winched it off the shop floor. No problems.

Where can I try your chair?

The CEE Chair is not for sale in stores. We would be happy to make a chair for you according to your choices of seat material and wooden armature, along with the overhead height adjustment strap customized for your situation. If it falls short of your expectations, just ship it back for a full refund.

Before we ship a chair, we need to know the ceiling height measurement to guarantee a comfortable sitting position.

If you need samples of the seat’s materials, we can send them over, too.

Making the CEE Chair your own


There are many exciting details that make your chair truly your own. Follow the links below to explore details to help personalize your chair and its installation.

Do you have more questions about our chair? Let us know! Talk to us today.