The CEE Chair Up Close

The CEE Chair Specifics

Laminated strips of select hardwood
You adjust the tilt and height
Marine eye splice 3/8" double braid
hanging chair for balcony
The CEE Hanging Chair was the brainchild of creative individuals who just wanted two things:

  1. A better way to sit
  2. A stylish addition to their home
Our hanging chair behaves much like a traditional chair, but you will discover there is a lot more to it. Handcrafted by Tom and Jan Buckman, this chair is designed to provide good lumbar support and superb comfort. We use only the finest materials to make sure this functional chair will keep you relaxed for a long time.

Crafting a Standard of Excellence Over Time

Developing the CEE Chair

Our first hanging chair had as its frame a 44-inch diameter steel hoop hanging at a 30-degree tilt. CEE Chair developer Jan Buckman used macramé techniques to create a taut webbing surface. This early work was a hanging chair that was perfect for kids and dogs, but not for anyone else. It looked cool, but was anything but comfortable.

Jan’s good friend Kurt Buetow’s Sky Chair inspired the current design of the CEE Chair. His concept used a steam-bentwood armature to maintain a comfortable seat shape. With Kurt’s permission, Jan made further refinements in technical design and advanced materials.

A Gentle and Soothing Wrap

The Chair’s Unique Embrace

You may just plop down in your CEE Chair, but there are other ways to seat yourself. Remember the long ago sunny days with friends on the swing set? You might try backing into your chair and let it rise to meet you like a swing. Let your feet go and you’ll get that gentle swoosh forward. The difference is that instead of the blunt encounter with gravity, you will experience the chair’s unique embrace, thanks to its fabric’s wrapping support right at your lumbar region. You will also notice the seat taking on your shape rather than you having to conform to the shape of the seat. You are experiencing a gentle and soothing wrap.

backyard hanging chair

Designed for Your Comfort


You Can Personalize Your Chair

When you first install your CEE Chair, it is our hope that you will be thrilled and pleased. We try our best to make it work for you right out of the box. That’s why we always ask for the height of your attachment point. But we don’t ask about your height, your weight, or how you like to sit. Your chair was designed to be personalized by you, by the easy adjustments you, yourself can perform. How close to the ground you sit is a choice for you to make. So is the angle of your repose. We are ready to answer the phone or an email to help this become your favorite personal chair.