Hanging Chair

Why You Need Hanging Chairs

Fans of interior design are sure to take note of the rising trend of owning a hanging chair. They may have been simple and mundane in the past, but today they can easily be mistaken for art pieces.

Created in 1959, the hanging chair is an upgrade of the egg chair that was supposed to provide a sense of privacy in hotel lobbies. The hanging aspect provides a cradle sensation, allowing the user to swing and relax at the same time. The reasons you need hanging chairs in your home or office are numerous – here are the main ones to consider along with the available types.

Types of Hanging Chairs

Up until recently, we were all used to seeing and using a hanging outdoor chair, but as trends progress, we can also see them used indoors. There are several types of hanging chairs you can choose from, depending on your needs.

  • Ceiling hanging chair

Ceiling hanging chairs are widely preferred because they project a mobile look. It’s a chair that offers a swinging movement because it is attached to the ceiling by a rope or a chain.

  • Brazilian hammock chair

Brazilian hammock chairs are easy to carry and store, and at the same time less expensive.
This lightweight and portable chair comes with a hanger and can be taken along for the ride wherever. At the same time, this type of hanging chair lacks durability and longevity.

  • Hanging standing chair

A hanging standing chair hangs from a stand and doesn’t take up much space. They are lightweight and make an excellent choice for the patio or balcony. Use it in the lounge to give it a unique and luxurious vibe.

Why Choose Hanging Chairs

brown hanging chair

The predecessor of the hanging chair, the Egg chair, was invented bearing in mind the comfort and coziness of a hug. They are designed to be used as the perfect relaxing spot while using the benefits of gentle rocking creating a feeling of floating on a cloud. Place them in your favorite space indoors or out.

They save space

It’s no secret that hanging chairs save space both in your yard, office, and home. Use it as an indoor hanging chair to relax or read a book during those long winter nights. Place it anywhere in the yard and relax in the shade or add it as a lounging area in your office.

The compact design allows for a seamless fit anywhere in your home. They are easy to install and if you get bored or don’t like the way it looks at that particular place, simply dismount it and move it elsewhere.

They introduce a trendy vibe

Bring a trendy vibe into your home by placing one in any room. Use it in the living room to surprise your guests with comfortable lounge seating. Hang one in your kid’s playroom and watch them develop their motor skills. Soon, it will become their favorite piece of furniture where they can find peace and relaxation.

And who says offices have to be a sterile environment? Find a hanging chair that will give your office a modern look and be a place where you can get some quiet time during a busy working day.

They help reduce stress

The rocking motion of hanging chairs allows the muscles and mind to relax, and might even put you to sleep. Hang it in or near the nursery and use it during bonding time with your baby. It can be useful in calming down a distressed and crying baby, having a hard time falling asleep.

Hanging chairs are an excellent place to get in touch with your inner self and meditate. Whether the chair is placed in a peaceful corner of your home or in your yard, it can be the best spot to unwind and recharge.

Engineered to Bring Comfort

Everyone is in search of the best way to relax in their home or yard. Combine that with comfort and design and you’ll be eager to purchase your hanging chair from us. CEE Chair offers the best combination of comfort and style in their line of products that should exceed your expectations. Our chairs are undeniably comfortable. Adjust the tilt based on what you use them for and sit back. Contact us and let CEE Chair customize the hanging chair that fits your living space.